Welcome to SwiftPOS Touch

SwiftPOS Touch Features

  • Independent operation at the POS – no central point failure
  • Table/TAB tracking
  • Kitchen, Floor printing
  • Advanced Mix & Match
  • Vouchers, Discount Rules and Gift Cards
  • Tiered Loyalty
  • Menu Boards linked to SwiftPOS Touch pricing and available servings
  • Customer Advertising Displays with up-sell prompting
  • Bistro Ordering for individual payments on large tables with a single kitchen order.
  • Training Mode including complete table management operation
  • Account Charges/Payments at the touch.
  • Cash Declarations including Cash Drops
  • Foreign Currency payments with change given in local currency
  • Handheld/Mobile/Waiter Station/Kiosk Ordering with SwiftPOS Touch
  • Restaurant Reservations with waiting list management
  • Stock management at the POS
  • Reason codes for all non-sale and exception transactions

SwiftPOS Touch

Premier POS Software for South Africa’s Hospitality Industry, our POS solution can provide you with a simple,

yet feature rich point of sale product, including raffle tickets and redemption at the POS. Point of sale.


Bistro Ordering (Pay as you order)

  • With SwiftPOS touch take multiple separate orders with (payment) but print them on a single kitchen docket.(i.e. 10 people sitting at the same table.)
  • Handles combos or multi buys – i.e. purchasing 2 main meals gives the second (and cheaper) at half price.
  • View a list of outstanding Bistro Tables at any time to check if all guests have arrived. Warning with outstanding orders
  • Link names to individual orders so customers get the right orders on large tables.
  • Operator is prompted each time they complete a Bistro Table if they are the last Guest to arrive.
  • Will work in conjunction with normal tables.
  • Each order is individually finalised by Cash, EFTPOS with a receipt or can be charged off to a TAB that can be created at the end of the order.

Customer Advertising

With SwiftPOS Touch increase your sales and customer turnover with added advertising directly at the point of sale. Adverts can be designed by yourself very simply. Create the  latest promotions and SwiftPOS touch will automatically updated the night before the promotion start date – you don’t have to do a thing! You can also highlight local events, birthdays, lucky customer raffle draw.

customer advertizing

Door Terminal Software

Venue Entry Kiosk

The ability to attract repeat business can never be underestimated and a Door entry kiosk terminal with SwiftPOS Touch at the main entrance of your Venue can help do this for you.

Main benefits

  • Promotional tool to enhance the tracking of Member activity within a Venue.
  • Set odds for random draws and set list of random prizes for the winners.
  • Print Birthday vouchers and award birthday prizes.
  • Works in conjunction with the full loyalty program that runs in the Back Office POS Management Software.
  • Run Promotional advertising when not in use simply by adding pictures to a directory. Easy to maintain and update.
  • Provide feedback to the Member of their current loyalty points.
  • Simple to set up and operate.
  • Creates a sales file with the Member Loyalty Points for each transaction.
  • Stops Members from using their card a second time the same day.
  • Set up a Card Mask to match your Member Cards.
  • Software updates via the Web to keep your Member Kiosk software current.
  • No touch screen required to minimise the cost of hardware. Just a card reader and optional printer.
Kiosk Terminal
Venu Entry Kisk

Web/Phone Orders

  • Search by Phone Number and recall last order that can be converted into a new sale.
  • Customer details are added directly to the Back Office Software from the POS via LAN or internet.
  • Choose between Pick up and Delivery on orders – Delivery includes address details on print out.
  • Save phone order and send to Kitchen Printer.
  • Recall order and makes changes that reprint to the Kitchen Printer.
  • Recall order and Print Deliver Receipt.
  • Web orders are posted via internet web site and automatically print to Kitchen Printers – requires independent Web Payment Gateway.
  • Take deposits for orders.

EFTPOS interface

  • Full integration with EFTPOS receipt printing on the sales Receipt.
  • SwiftPOS Touchis approved by over 18 different EFTPOS providers/interfaces.
SWiftPOS Dash boards Module

SwiftPOS Dashboards

  • Add up to 9 Dashboards onto the display showing performance in different locations.
  • Display data for Hourly/Daily or Weekly comparisons against the previous 1-6 weeks of trade.
  • Set background Colours for each dial for quick identification.
  • View average customer sales and other key performance indicators (KPI’s) in real time.
  • SMS, Instant Message or email summary sales information in real time.
  • Clerk Log in details determine the locations that are available to view in multi-store environments.
  • Connect to SwiftPOS Back Office via a LAN or the Internet.
  • The hourly sales comparison gadget compares the current sales total against the average sales value for the last 2-6 weeks between the start of the current hour and the current time.
  • The daily sales comparison gadget compares the current sales total against the average sales value for the last 2-6 weeks between the start of day and the current time.
  • The weekly sales comparison gadget compares the current sales total against the average sales value for the last 2-6 weeks between the start of week and the current time.
  • Check for software updates via the Web
  • Choose the time periods to receive your SMS or Instant Messages.
  • Choose between dials and Bar Graphs.
  • Minimise to system tray when you want to clear your desktop. The dashboard will continue to update in the background.
  • SwiftPOS Touch Designed for real time business analysis.
SWiftPOS Drive Thru Ordering

Drive Thru Service

Easily integrate drive-thru service with your SwiftPOS Touch. Take drive-thru orders faster and more accurately with customer order confirmation displays. Show customers the details of each order, and encourage large orders by displaying photos and ads for current promotions.

With SwiftPOS Touch you can also integrate with a remote third-party drive-thru call centre and have your drive-thru orders print or display instantly in your kitchen.

Drive Thru POS Features:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Employee Hour and Wage Management
  • Cash Management
  • Customer Accounts
  • Gift Card Processing
  • Voucher Issuing
  • Loyalty Accumulation and Quick Redemption