Table Reservations

SwiftPOS Touch Software lets you customize your floor layout with floor plan designer and manage individual tables within the POS system. Track orders by table and seat to ensure orders are always placed accurately and delivered to the right patrons.

Kitchen Communication

Simplify communication between servers and kitchen staff. Your servers ring up orders in SwiftPOS touch and the orders are sent to the SwiftPOS KVS module in the kitchen, minimizing preparation times and maximizing your kitchen workflow.

Tip Tracking & Employee Management

Our restaurant POS software allows you to track tips within your system to easily and quickly allocate compensation to the wait staff.
Use SwiftPOS Touch to manage employee time and attendance with clock-in and clock-out features. Set compensation rates and run your entire payroll through your point of sale system.

Customizable Keypads

The Point of Sale screen can be heavily customised to suit your business requirements including optimising for touchscreens or keyboards. SwiftPOS gives you the flexibility to create whichever buttons will help you perform more efficiently. It makes sense to create buttons for the things you use frequently such as commonly sold retail items and everyday Point of Sale functions

Digital Menuboards

Menu boards are the first thing a customer sees when they want to place an order in your venue. With the integrated product photos you are able to show your customers what they are about to order from your menu. Customers will buy what they see. Menu Boards allow you to display your Food Menu’s and pricing directly linked to the SwiftPOS Touch Software. Digital Menu Boards give you the power to constantly update and improve the content of your Menu screens.

SwiftPOS Mobile

With advancements in mobile technology, more businesses are turning to tablet software solutions to improve customer service, increase sales and operational efficiency.
Gain all the benefits of a SwiftPOS Touch mobile/tablet solution without sacrificing the features and functionality of your traditional, stationary point of sale system.

SwiftPOS Back Office

SwiftPOS Back Office POS Management Software is designed to manage a single venue or multiple venues running POS terminals linked to the back office. With the ease of installing Private Networks over broadband, it is now possible to centralise your data management systems with secure remote access to selected information.

SwiftPOS Touch

Whether you have a table service, bar service, or counter service business (or even all of the above), manage your operation more efficiently with SwiftPOS Touch Software. You can provide your guests the ultimate dining experience and improve your bottom line.

Loyalty Benifits

In today’s competitive environment, we need to react quicker than ever before to our competitors and satisfy our customer’s needs. Using the SwiftPOS Touch Membership/Loyalty/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software combined with the POS Terminals provides a total solution for your venue.
As consumers become smarter and as the cost of acquiring new customers continues to increase, winning customers loyalty at the lowest possible cost, has become a strategic consideration.