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Pictures make food look good – Increase conversion

Food always looks ‘extra-delicious’ when shown on TV menus. As the saying goes ‘a picture is worth thousand words,’ which cannot be truer than in this scenario, where the customer needs to see what they would like to eat or what they can expect to get. Showing pictures and video of food and their complimentary products also increase conversions, as the customer makes a mental visualization of having the food in front of them and creates a cerebral appetite which could translate into a craving for the food item displayed on the TV menu board.

Easy visibility

Digital menu boards have a distinct advantage over conventional static boards of having high visibility, purely due to the nature of digital signage content that can be created to attract the viewers’ attention. Unlike wooden menu boards, TV menu boards have a high brightness and show well even in the dark ambient light, further enhancing the visibility of the menu and increasing the prospect of higher revenue

Another factor that adds to the easy visibility of the screen is the flashing of a part of the display to change pictures or to refresh the screen with multiple menu displays. This movement on this electronic sign causes the viewer to take notice of the televisions presence and in the process gets attracted to what is being displayed on the digital menu screen. doPublicity has many digtal signage templates with unique menu board ideas that incorporate changing content in a part of the screen which adds to the attractiveness of this medium.

SwiftPOS Digital Menu boards is a simple to use, and is a powerful solution for creating digital menu boards and publishing them to a single display or to many displays in your business.

Improve ambiance

How often have you noticed that you look at a store and take an instant decision whether you want to give them your business or look elsewhere? This reaction is a very common phenomenon as people want to be at a location where the ambiance suits them and is up to their expectations.

LED menu board TVs by nature of their brightness and ability to display vibrant menu board content can improve a locations ambiance just by their presence, which shows the customer that the store is up to current standards and up-to-date with market expectations. The best part of all this is that these electronic signs for menu boards can be installed at an extremely low cost.

Increase ticket value by offering daily promotions

Restaurant and cafeterias can use the digital menu boards to promote specials of the day, using the same technique as used in dayparting. The business can show the promotional food items along with their regular daily menu and not have to worry about making any major changes to the entire playlist, but rather just focus on just that one slide that shows the daily specials.

Using digital menu board templates for this application makes it incredibly easy, as the restaurant manager can make these daily changes within minutes and display on the menu display boards. If the manager also has the option to pre-plan the special and schedule it to show at a later date by setting its start and end date in the playlist.

Brand Identity

The restaurant menu board can also be used to promote the companies brand identity which creates brand recall and customer loyalty. This is easily achieved by displaying menu boards in the brand’s corporate colors with logo and other branding information strategically shown along with the food items on the menu board.

Digital signage is quickly becoming a standard in restaurants and bars.
Digital Menu boards are being widely used by large food chains and small restaurants.

If you are tracking the available serves of any items then the menu board will notify you when it has sold out.

Menu board layout and design can be totally controlled by the Venue and can include video, graphics, backgrounds andflashing colours along with the menu of food items.

Add new daily specials and promotions in one place for the POS and Digital Menus

Changing prices at the POS update the digital Menu boards automatically

Create Menu schedules to match your kitchen hours and display advertising outside those times

Display attractive multi-media graphics including anything that can be displayed in a Web browser.

Eliminate printing costs and mistakes

Instantly change Menus with updates to the POS and Menu Boards in less than a minute