Welcome to SwiftPOS Back Office Software

SwiftPOS is a suite of Software Modules that manages the back office functions and links the Point of Sale Terminals together to create a total POS solution. The Software provides comprehensive management of inventory, membership, loyalty and financial control of the venue. With integration to security cameras, it can help detect problems such as theft and wastage before they get out of hand. You know exactly what your Inventory-on-hand is, up until the last sale, with the real time processing of sales transactions.

SwiftPOS has been written using the latest Microsoft .NET development environment for ease of deployment and uses the Microsoft SQL Server platform for maximum reliability and performance. There is no limit to the amount of data intelligence that can be stored in your SQL database for future analysis. Accessing your data over the Internet is just as fast as if you were in the same office as the main SQL Data Server.

Using the features available in the SwiftPOS Back Office Membership/Accounts & Loyalty software that are fully integrated with the POS Terminals, there is no double handling of transactions and it is done with a minimum amount of effort and can return excellent results.

While the SwiftPOS POS Terminals will run standalone with no central point of failure, advanced features which draw information from the Host PC can be utilised with all the benefits of an on-line POS system. These include integration with SwiftPOS real-time Loyalty, Links to Poker Machine Loyalty Systems and Property Management systems are also provided by the SwiftPOS suite of products.

Back Office Features

  • Retail Price Management.
  • Cash Reconciliation.
  • Staff Rostering and Time Clock Management.
  • Security and loss prevention auditing.
  • Real Time Inventory Management.
  • Membership Systems with fee payments for multiple sub-Club fees.
  • Voucher Ledger, Voucher Printing, Stored Value Gift Card.
  • Tiered Loyalty (CRM) Solutions. (Gold/Silver/Platinum Members)
  • Member Interactive Kiosks with voucher printing.
  • Supplier/Vendor Management – electronic interface to Suppliers.
  • Multi-Venue Management with unlimited security access levels.
  • Debtor Accounts.
  • Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers.
  • Live integration to Poker Machine Member Points/Electronic Wallets.
  • Integration to Security Cameras.
  • Interface to General Ledger.
  • Powerful reporting including Web based reporting for any phone/tablet/laptop device.
  • Comprehensive on-line help linked to each menu option.
SwiftPOS Back Office Software

PDE Software

With SwiftPOS Back Office use the PDE for Stocktakes, Stock Transfers, creating Purchase Orders, Goods inwards, Price verification and creating a batch of bar code labels to print.

Stocktakes and Transfers

  • Stocktake (Physical Inventory) using a hand held Portable Data Entry (PDE) device to scan bar codes or PLU numbers.
  • Speed up the Stocktake process by only having to press {Scan} then quantity. No searching through pages of information looking for the product.
  • The time saved in doing accurate Stocktakes easily justifies the investment in the PDE.
  • Bar Codes and descriptions are transferred to the PDE so that when you scan, the product description is displayed on the screen.
  • Scan cartons and bottles of the same product and let the computer work out the variance in bottles automatically.
  • Multiple PDE’s can be used to cover large venues.
  • Feature in SwiftPOS to automatically add products that were not counted and had Inventory on hand.

PDE Label Orders

  • Scan the existing bar code to order new shelf labels for existing products. This is imported into SwiftPOS to produce the label sheets.

PDE Orders and Invoice Posting

  • Use a hand held PDE to scan the product and enter what you need to order directly from the shelves.
  • Download the PDE and automatically create orders from preferred Suppliers. Software will automatically convert singles to cartons for ordering where required.
  • Print Purchase Orders using supplier order codes in one simple step.
  • Receive Invoices from Suppliers using the PDE.
SwiftPOS PDE Terminal

Gift Cards

Increase your revenue

Increase your customer base and revenue potential by issuing custom branded gift cards. 65% of customers who make a purchase on a gift card spend 38% more than the face value of the card* and are more likely to pay full price for an item, bringing you more revenue.

Save money on processing

Offering a gift card gives customers one more payment option, and reduces processing costs for you when customers don’t carry cash. It’s a win-win solution.

  • Gift Cards are authorised with a value when sold.
  • Gift Card payment confirms the card value from the back office software.
  • Handles multiple Gift Card payments in a single sale.


  • Create Vouchers and track your marketing campaigns.
  • Use voucher offers to increase business on quiet days.
  • Create offers to encourage customers to use other areas in your venue.

Voucher Trigger Examples

  • Monday & Tuesday between 5pm-10pm
  • Days valid (30 days from issue)
  • Only triggered in certain locations.
  • Triggered only when minimum quantity is met.
  • Triggered only when minimum R value is met.
  • Enable/Disable use with other vouchers.
  • Enable/Disable on items already on promotion.
SwiftPOS Gift Cards
SwiftPOS Gift Vouchers
SWiftPOS Wrist Bands, RFID & Finger Print Readers

Wrist Bands, RFID & Finger Print Readers

  • USB or RS232 options.
  • RS232 on 12v powered port.
  • No software required.
  • Beep and light flashes red/green for successful read.
  • Low cost, fully washable wrist bands.
  • Screw mounting options with brackets.

Clerk Fingerprint Readers

  • USB Fingerprint Reader from http://www.digitalpersona.com/
  • Integrated with SwiftPOS Touch Clerk access.
  • Used by majority of the POS hardware vendors.
  • Membrane is a replaceable item by Digital Persona.

Debtors Accounts


  • Fully integrated with the POS Terminals with on-line or off-line accounts.
  • Applies credit limits to accounts at the Point of Sale and restrict accounts to only be valid between selected dates.
  • Keep unlimited transaction history on all account transactions.
  • Open-Item Debtors to cater for more complex Customer Accounting
    requirements in large Venues.
  • Use SwiftPOS Back Office POS Invoicing program to create back-office invoices to account customers. Can also be used to reverse mistakes made at the POS by changing the date back to when the mistake was made.
  • Save and recall Quotes in Back Office POS and review sales margins on bulk
  • Improved management of Customers with Account Classifications and link to
    different price levels at the POS Terminals.
  • Professional looking detailed Account Statements showing Itemised Purchases
    or Summary Account Statements for any date range.
  • Receipt Account payments in the back office or at the POS Terminals.
SwiftPOS Account Card

Head Office Management

SwiftPOS Back office is designed for the larger installations and multi-store Venues that wish to improve the management of their data and provide more comprehensive reporting.

Set up filters for individual locations so that you can cross section sales information in many different ways.

Batch Reports can automatically send individual Reports to any nominated Email address.

SwiftPOS Head Office Features

Allows you to manage your product file in a central location for distribution to any number of Remote Stores. This creates a consistent file for running location comparison reports.

Allows you to centrally manage cost prices and selling prices and distribute these to Remote Stores.

Central Office can provide a host based loyalty system that captures all the Member transactions from remote stores.

SwiftPOS Head Office Management